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Adopting a hive with Foster Beelief means you'll support colonies that are vital to pollination, honeybee education, and research. You will receive:


🐝 A hive in your honor and an emailed photo

 🐝 An official hive adoption certificate!

🐝 Foster Beelief T-Shirt

🐝  Honey Harvest

🐝 Quarterly reports on your colony's activity

🐝 Research Manuscripts

Please email for volunteer opportunities.

Your donation will directly help to support and sustain a healthy bee. Your donation will go to purchasing bees, bee tracking equipment, and organic treatments to help the bees battle Varroa and tracheal mites as well as other diseases affecting the honeybees. You will receive:

🐝 A bee named in your honor and an emailed photo

🐝 You'll receive an official bee adoption certificate!

🐝 1 Jar of Honey

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