Founder and CEO, Sade Shofidiya

Sade Shofidiya is a MBA student at Savanah State University with a concentration in accounting from Chicago, IL. Sade’s educational background includes Information Technology and Psychology degrees. Sade is a fellow for the U.S. Department of Transportation and a White House Initiative on HBCUs Competitiveness Scholar. 


“Foster Beelief has been a long time coming. Growing up in Foster Care, I realized at an early age  how much impact one caring person can have on someone’s life.  As I took advantage of the opportunities afforded to me by many people along the way, it dawned on me that I, too, could be a part of the chain of caring people.  It has become clear to me that one person can connect with another; and then those two can reach out to two more; until, suddenly, a network of caring people is changing our world for the better.  I hope that Foster Beelief will become a mechanism to bring together people from across the nation to improve not only the health and viability of the honeybees but also the lives of those who might need a helping hand as they travel along their paths”.  

Programs Assistant, Kelvin Ausby

Kelvin Ausby is an MBA student at Savannah State University from Savannah, GA. Kelvin
majored in mathematics and minored in accounting as an undergraduate student. Kelvin is very
passionate about spreading awareness about the honeybee population. It is Kelvin’s pleasure to
introduce people to the wonderful world of the honeybee.


"Honeybees provide the world with many benefits beyond agriculture, so we must do everything we can to protect them for the sake of our food supply and economy".

Development Manager, Michelle Flood

Michelle Flood is an MBA student at Savannah State University. Michelle is also a licensed art therapist. Her educational background is in Psychology, Art, and Counseling. Michelle is very
passionate about intersecting art and nature to bring awareness about the honeybees and expanding Foster Beelief to other universities.

 Logistics Manager, Karen Perez

Karen Perez is a junior at Savannah State University from Dallas, TX. Karen majors in Global Logistics and International Business. Karen is passionate about creating sustainable communities. Karen has extensive experience in hospitality, event planning, and database management.


Finance Manager, Rashmil Singh

Rashmil Singh is an MBA student at Savannah State University from India. Rashmil majored in business as an undergraduate student and have a Masters in Global Finance. Rashmil is passionate about demonstrating the adverse economic impact of the plight of the honeybees and other environmental justice issues.


 Meteorologist, Julian Gordon

Julian Gordon is a graduate of North Carolina A&T University from Atlanta, GA. Julian majored in Physics and Atmospheric Sciences as both an undergraduate and graduate student. Julian is passionate about environmental justice and organizing action to protect the planet.