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K-12 Program Bee Education Program

College & University Bee Education Program



HBCU Apiaries and Gardens

The HBCU Apiaries and Gardens program focuses on establishing Foster Beelief chapters across the 106 HBCUs to develop and sustain pollinator gardens and beehives.

Beeliever Boxes

Beeliever Boxes are monthly care packages sent to children in foster care.



Community Hives and Gardens

The Community Hives and Gardens program focuses on transforming vacant lots into community gardens and teaching low-income family sustainability through urban gardening and beekeeping. Produce from these gardens will be donated to local pantries and given to those in need.

Honeybee Research

Interdisciplinary Research will be performed to further investigate Colony Collapse Disorder, risk factors for the honeybees, and solutions for honeybee demise.



Honeybee Arts and Crafts

The Honeybee Arts and Crafts program focuses on developing offerings from the beeswax and pollinator garden such as lip balms, soaps, lotions, and tea. The Honeybee Arts and Crafts program will also work on efforts to beautify the apiaries. Efforts include, but are not limited to: painting beehives, designing apiary signage and landscape, development of literature to educate others about honeybees, etc.

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