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Interdisciplinary Research Project

We are investigating the effectiveness of hives on the honeybees’ sustainability. Custom high-tech hives that model beehives from various periods in history are being constructed. This is an interdisciplinary study that consists of entomology, history, engineering, and industrial design.

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. Your gift contributes to the Beeliever Boxes sent to children in foster care, the development of apiaries, pollinator gardens, honeybee education, and honeybee research.

Bee proactive and join us in our efforts to protect the honeybees. Please email us at for volunteer opportunities. Stay connected with us online for resources on helping our pollinator pals.

Foster Beelief is a honeybee charity that works to promote sustainability through the education of the at risk honeybee population, increase STEM interests in minority students, increase the progression and research in all Historically Black Colleges and Universities degree programs, build stronger industry and community partnerships, and increase citizen involvement in communities.

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